Allegiance Customs Brokerage was established in 2005 as a service oriented company. Our focus is centered on the principles of service, value and commitment.

Allegiance is conscious of the additional responsibility placed on Importers which holds them accountable to comply with a maze of government regulations.

Whether you are a first time importer or your company already has an established supply chain, we will provide you with the best customer service available and streamlined shipping solutions that can save you valuable time and money.

Allegiance provides every service you will need to facilitate the entry of your goods into the United Sates.


Allegiance Customs Brokerage will continuously strive to improve while focusing on the future with a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of the customs brokerage and compliance issues. Allegiance provides an unparalleled combination of personalized customer service and expertise, on a global scale. Allegiance was founded on the principles of being ethical, professional and dependable. Allegiance ensures you are in full compliance with U.S. Customs; being proactive in anticipating and identifying potential problems before they become major client obstacles.


A customs broker is a highly trained import specialist. Customs brokers are licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury but they are not government employees. They must have a thorough knowledge of tariff schedules and customs regulations as well as the many amendments resulting from constant changes in the law and administrative regulations. For every shipment entering the United States there are 500 pages of Customs regulations and thousands of tariff items. The broker must be well-versed in determining proper classifications and dutiable value. Customs brokers facilitate release of imported goods, pay required duties, and provide and maintain required records and documents.

As a progressive customs broker, Allegiance Customs Brokerage continuously develops its product and service offering. Keeping clients abreast of these changes as well as relevant industry logistic events is a top priority, so we encourage you to contact us today.